We are Earth Team 1

At the intersection of skateboarding and innovation, fueled by passion and a love of Earth

Let's be real

Although this shirt isn't as sustainable as we'd like, every purchase drives us towards our eco-friendly vision through sustainable and biodegradable product collaborations. To offset it, 20% of proceeds will go to fund climate action and sustainability. Plus, it's a cool shirt.

So join us- make a statement and support sustainable brands.

Support the mission
  • Here & now

    Support our journey today, and you propel us forward. Each t-shirt purchase fuels our mission to enhance sustainability across our product line, from decks to apparel and accessories. Together, we're crafting the future of skateboarding—one push at a time.

  • Next horizons

    We're in active discussions with suppliers and creators to bring you biodegradable boards and apparel, enduring eco-friendly gear, good coffee, and exclusive local collaborations. Our aim? To merge genuine sustainability with products we would proudly use day in and day out.

  • Beyond the board

    Picture a future where sustainability and quality aren't just aspects of our products, but the foundation of a movement that supports communities, arts, nature, and skateboarding. We're committed to this unique blend, transforming our passion into a force for good. Join the team. Get stoked.